Ever wondered why get solar panels? Well, solar panels are clearly significant solutions to the energy crisis in the world. The increase in carbon dioxide emissions, global warming and a shortage of electricity power can be solved through the installation of solar panels. Below are some of the benefits of installing solar panels in your home.

1. Increases your home value

Purchasing a property with solar panels equals lower electricity bills. Solar panels increase a property’s market value. Research shows that properties with solar panels sell 20% faster compared to houses without solar panels.

2.Low maintenance

Modern solar systems have the capacity to withstand harsh and seasonal weather conditions. A high-quality system requires little or no maintenance. Operations and maintenance can be done routinely after events such as storms. Small-scale and residential owners can perform such maintenance without professional help.

3.Solar is a secure investment

Electricity prices tend to fluctuate, and the power can be unreliable sometimes. Solar panels allow you to calculate the amount of power that will be produced. Additionally, you can calculate fixed energy costs for the next 20 years. Solar panels come with approximately 20 years warranty which is referred to as performance guarantee. You are assured of 80% performance after 20 years. Solar panels have a long-lasting lifespan, and you can generate an adequate amount of electricity for the next 30-40 years.

4.Save the Environment

Most of the homeowners install solar panels due to financial benefits. But the environmental benefit of solar panels is also very essential. The annual carbon dioxide emission rate is increasingly every day. Installing solar panels is an efficient way of reducing the carbon footprint and producing clean electricity. Solar system generates clean, renewable energy without excavations, combustion or transportation costs. It’s simpler, cleaner and easier compared to other energy solutions.

5.Create Energy Independence

Most of the countries rely on energy imports such as petroleum. Installing solar panels helps to reduce energy dependence on foreign countries. Also, it contributes to preserving coal and natural gas. Importation of expensive and dangerous energy sources affects the national security and economy.

6.Easy to install solar panels

Shopping for solar is no longer a complicated and lengthy process like in the previous years. In modern times, there are thousands of solar companies across the globe. Going solar has become as easy as ABC. There are many solar consultants ready to guide you through the process and recommend the best options.Local governments give lucrative tax credits and other incentives to encourage citizens to switch to renewable energy. These incentives and tax credits reduce the cost of solar system installation and lower the overall price of power.

7.Reduce electricity bills

Installing solar panels will help you to save a lot, especially with the ever-increasing utility rates. Once the initial cost of installation is settled, you won’t worry about the availability or price of electricity anymore.

8.Creation of jobs

Solar Foundation statistics indicate that the solar industry increased employment rates in 2015. The industry accounts for 1.2% of the entire jobs in the US market. The employment rate is expected to grow in the coming years. Solar industry jobs cannot be outsourced, and the salary tends to be reasonable. Therefore, a solar system is a vital economy contributor in the world.