Cheap Solution to Solar Energy Kits for Home Power Production
Solar Energy Advantages
It’s no secret…most people believe that going Solar is a Good Thing! With ongoing interest rates and unstable utility energy prices, installing solar panels, currently represent one of the best investments for increasing your properties value and cutting down your energy bills long term. So, if you are asking
How much do Solar Panels costs with installation?
I found, typically the price range from $4 to $9 per watt of solar energy. The average price is about $7 a watt. With installation, that could be total over $27,000 for your entire house.

Like me, if you are probably wondering! This is a lot of money. Agreed, it is a lot of money. There is solution that can give you a head start into solar energy. You can make your own do-it-yourself home solar energy system within $190. I did it myself as a weekend project and it was fun. It costs me around $120 to construct 120 watt solar panels to power my computers.

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DIY Home Solar Energy System does it really work?
The simple answer is: yes, solar energy kits for home power production make DIY solar panels easy to build and free to use. However, to get good functionality of such a unit, you must make sure that you construct the solar panel properly.
How affordable it is to build your own Home Solar Energy System?
Solar energy kits for home power production are quite cheap when compared to expensive solar panels, and you can set them up yourself. The tools and equipment are all provided so you don’t have to run from store to store with a list of items to purchase. This will not only save you time, but also money. The materials listed in the guides, such as copper wire, multi meter, copper sheeting, wide mouth pliers etc are readily available from hardware stores or even lying around your garage or shed. The cost of these materials will vary depending on your location, but it shouldn’t cost you more than one hundred to two hundred dollars in total.
How easy it can be?
All you need to do is follow 7 simple steps

1. Buy your Solar Cells
2. Build your Frame
3. Paint and Seal it
4. Wire Solar Cells Together
5. Mount Solar Cells to Frame
6. Connect these Solar Cells
7. Mount a protective cover on your Solar Panel

That’s it, Congratulations!! You are done with your Solar Panel.

Does it sound easy! Yes, you can build solar panels at home with easy to follow instructions. These guides contain written as well as video instruction, that serve as a blueprint to guide you through the process of building your own solar panels, that’s right, you heard right, YOU CAN build your own solar panels and isn’t as difficult as you may think. Setting up the unit takes a maximum of a single day’s work. You don’t need to be an expert handyman, hold a phd in physics or even understand how solar energy works to get this project successfully up and running, the guides, in particular the instructional videos, make the whole process very easy.
What are the Solar Energy Advantages?
> Solar power lasts for decades (Typically, the average lifetime of solar panels is 40 years)
> Virtually maintenance free
> Helps the environment
> Provides electricity…day or night
> Help you to reduce or eliminate your electricity bill

Now, if you are probably wondering …

Where do I go for more information? Or, how do I get started?